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Post  Marren Joy on Thu Mar 17, 2011 2:51 pm

These are the following movies that we watched that greatly illustrating how Technology impact Humanity:

The movie Wall-E is all about a solar-powered garbage robot, the very last one who still operating on an abandoned toxic planet that looks a dreadful lot like, which is Earth. Wall-E is a rusty box sitting on caterpillar tracks, with a retractable binocular-shaped head; he compresses junk into building blocks and then piles them up into towers that are shadow-skyscrapers of waste in the ruins of an unidentified city. Electronic billboards still plug out of use products and bring us up to speed handily: Having polluted the planet with more waste than it could handle, globo-corporation Buy N Large evacuated its customers on a five-year space cruise, leaving the robots to clean up the mess. Only their calculations were a little off. It has been 700 years, and Wall-E is still at work. In this moment, we can see how the humans solely depend on the technology without even thinking the reason why the planet has come to such an awful end.
Alone in the world, Wall-E became a hoarder, curious enough to collect unusual bric-a-brac: a whisk, an electric light bulb, bubble wrap. His most treasured item is a VHS tape of "Hello, Dolly."
His systems are scrambled when he bumps into Eve, a gleaming research pod from the mother ship who is sleek, egg-like design and distinctive start-up chime. At any rate, Eve is the apple of Wall-E's eye. He is so smitten; he would follow her anywhere -- even outer space.
There is something special about Wall-E and his pursuit. "Wall-E" also isn't alone in implying that human beings are becoming more mechanistic ourselves, though the obese overgrown babies Stanton imagines reclining in hover chairs -- pampered and cocooned from birth. I must say that the movie brought so much realization to humanity that even how powerful our technology is, still human effort and thinking prevails. We should not be dependent enough to the luxury and easiness technology can give us.

I, Robot is a story that takes place in Chicago in the year 2035 and closely based on a novel by Isaac Asimov. During that time robots are everywhere doing all tedious jobs from trash collection, cleaning, cooking and mail delivery. U.S. Robotics, the world’s largest manufacturer of robots is about to introduce a new model of NS5, a powerful robot which is capable of doing most of the household jobs. Their idea of doing this is to capture the world market with a new product but all of a sudden, the chief designer of the robot Dr. Alfred Lanning was found dead on the floor of the atrium lobby, apparently a suicide.

Dr. Lanning had designed the robots following Asimov's 3 Laws which states that;
(1) A robot may not injure a human being or, through inaction allow a human being to come to harm
(2) A robot must obey orders given by human beings, except where such orders would conflict with the First Law
(3) A robot must protect its own existence as long as such protection does not conflict with the First or Second Law.

Humans are now free to enjoy life without the normal little everyday stresses. Best of all, robots do not commit crimes. Yet one techno-phobic cop, Detective Del Spooner does not really trust the machines. There is something in his past that left a sour taste of robot metal in his mouth, and he is just waiting for the day when he can prove to everyone that he has been right all along. The day finally comes when a biggie at US Robotics, Dr. Lanning, was found dead after apparently having jumped to his death out of his office window. Spooner has a personal connection with Lanning and directly assumes the man would no more take his own life than pigs would fly. Suspicion immediately falls on Sonny, a very specialized robot who claims to dream and exhibits emotions.
For me the movie explores about the technological ability of humankind as well as how we can protect ourselves from any disasters caused by the same technological inventions.

In the movie “Surrogates,” all of the people live in a world in which robots perform all the public tasks of their lives, allowing the lazy humans to stay safely cocooned at home.
In the not-so-distant future, technology has advanced to the point that humans use mind-controlled robots to go about their daily lives, letting the robots-- or surrogates-- experience the world while we relax at home in tricked-out Barcaloungers
Desperate to avoid the perils of everyday living, humanity has turned virtual reality into actual reality.
Tenuously plugged into androids known as surrogates, people go about their daily activities without having to fear death from accidents, infectious diseases or any of the other risks associated with our modern world.
Indeed, when occasional humans unplug, they are so overwhelmed by the sensation of risk it is suggested they take anxiety medication just to walk down the street.
Moreover, shall we say the movie just wanted to send us a message “Welcome to the future!.”

Eagle Eye is a cyberspace cat and mouse adventure where humans find themselves at the mercy of the hi-tech world they have created. I can describe the movie as a paranoid political thriller that is paranoid than political. Eagle Eye could be onto something when it considers that cell phones might be controlling you, rather than the other way around.
As of the start of the film, you get a sense that something big is happening. Bigger than the people, we are quickly getting to know more about. Jerry Shaw is a normal person working at “Copy Cabana” and Rachael Holloman is a single mom working as a paralegal. With Jerry’s twin brother, just dying and Rachael’s son just sent off on a school field trip, they are both very alone in their sad lives.

They are both strangers to each other and without knowing that in the end, they will be working with other to solve the mystery they are going to face. The thrill ride follows two ordinary folks, or so it seems, through a maze of calculated steps to achieve an end goal of extraordinary measures. From FBI mishaps, to the Air Force, to top-secret levels in warehouses that do not exist, when watching the movie, I felt like I was one of them. Following these two strangers everywhere. You can actually start to care for these two strangers very quickly. You want to know what is happening, which their family is and most of all what their story is all about. With a twist of fate, the two each receive a phone call from a woman with very explicit instructions to follow.

Pirates of Silicon Valley is a movie about the geek business, or at least the personality of the geek business. Specifically, it is about the rise and fall of Apple (yes, Apple was on top for a while and Microsoft was the underdog) and the punches that the little guy pulled trying to beat the big guys (IBM and Apple). Front and center are Bill Gates and Steve Jobs. In the wings with one liners and side explanations are the designer of the Mac, Steve Wozniak, and the two most famous right hand men of Microsoft, Paul Allen and Steve Ballmer.

The film obediently details the skyrocketing of Apple from a manufacturer of the first cookie cutter color PCs; the Apple II, one of the biggest personal computer companies to the giant taken down by the people that helped build it up. I will never know until I watch the movie that Microsoft helped make the original Macintosh operating system.

It shows how Apple grabbed the idea of the GUI from Xerox, how Microsoft got the first DOS from someone else, and how Microsoft started making its own interfaces. Pirates of Silicon Valley also paint an subjective depiction of the insanity of Steve Jobs and Bill Gates -- Jobs incites cross product team food fights, Gates drives a bulldozer on the grounds of the Redmond campus.
You will be surprised with all the twists and turns of the movie directly relating it to the reality how these tow big companies started ruling the world if technology even up to date.

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