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HCI Final Project Matters Empty HCI Final Project Matters

Post  Admin on Mon Mar 28, 2011 4:30 pm

1. Project Outline - Follow the following format below for your documentation:
A. Background of the Study
(Discuss in this area three issues: GLOBAL, NATIONAL, LOCAL; regarding
the system/device/product you proposed)
B. Objectives of the Study
(Discuss in this area the purpose of the proposed system/device/product)
C. Scope and Limitation of the Study
(Discuss in this area the coverage of the proposed system/device/product)
D. Significance of the Study
(Discuss in this area the beneficiaries and their benefits of the proposed

A. Prototype
(Sketch or draw how the proposed system/device/product looks like; give a
relevant description)
B. Usability
(Discuss in this area the ease of use, efficiency, and error-tolerability)

A. Target Users
(Discuss in this area who are the prospect users of the proposed system/device
B. Advantage
(Discuss in this area the pros between each user)
C. Disadvantage
(Discuss in this area the cons between each user)

2. Presentation Schedule
We will have a presentation of your project proposals. This means that you will defend your
work. Everyone is expected to wear business attire. Produce a slide presentation and 4
copies of your documentation for panel's perusal. Provide snacks and/or lunch for them as
we take their time for free.
Schedule will be next week April 5, 2011 @ IC-Lab1 or IC-Lab2. Kindly reserve the projector
at the IC-Nodal Office.


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